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We have put together a list of FAQs to answer most  pre-empted queries, however should you want to discuss anything in more detail please contact us using the contact page

I have never been on tour before - will I hold everybody up?

The answers no, you travel at your own pace. There will be a wide range of rider experience so you will never be asked to ride beyond your ability. We all ride at the same pace and no one gets left behind. 


How many people go on tour?

Numbers depend on the bookings we receive, however, it is our policy not to run with a large number of bikes or anything less than four (not including pillions).

What is the average age of people on tour?

There is no average age, we have tours suitable for all ages and experience.

How far do we ride each day?

Mileages vary depending on how far it is to the next hotel, but this is a holiday where you will enjoy some exciting roads with places of interest to explore. We will refuel as necessary, stretch our legs or stop for photo opportunities. Rough mileages and totals for each tour are included in tour descriptions.

How do we book a tour?

Once you have made your choice, we suggest you ring or email us to ensure that places are still available. You should then complete a Booking Form (see website) and forward it us and we will contact you to confirm availability and arrange for payment of deposit. We will then send a Booking Confirmation Invoice showing the remaining tour balance and when the final payment is due (which will be 6 weeks before your tour date). For last minute bookings within 6 weeks of a tour date we will require payment in full. 

What happens next?

Once we receive the balance for your tour, we will issue a final receipt, together with any relevant information.


Can we pay by Credit card or Paypal?

I am sure you are aware that both these means of payment incur a charge which inevitably is passed onto the customer. Therefore for the present, we prefer to keep your costs as low as possible by only accepting cheques or Bank Transfers.


Can I pay in instalments?

Any holiday is a financial commitment and quite a few customers like to pay in instalments, so please contact us to  discuss any arrangements.   All we ask is that the balance payment is complete by the due date on your invoice (6 weeks before your tour date). 

Is our money safe?

In compliance with EEC regulation (90/314/EEC) all payments received will remain in a dedicated account until your tour is complete.

Can we book a private tour?

Given sufficient numbers we would be willing to put together a tour package for a specific reason (group booking for a group of friends or for a birthday for example) and if numbers were sufficient.  There is a great deal of work involved in arranging these packages, therefore we charge £100 for putting the package together.

Do you do bike hire?

No, we don’t, all tour prices are based on you supplying your own motorcycle.

Do you have a limit on the type of motorcycle you will accept?

A motorcycle which is unable to achieve 100 miles to a tank of fuel or is more than 20 years old would not be advised, if unsure please ring to discuss specifications of your bike.

Do you have a minimum age for people on tour?

The conditions of our Professional indemnity insurance are such that we can accept no one (including pillions) under the age of 18 years old.

Do you have a maximum age?

No we do not, everyone is different, and providing they are a competent rider they are welcome. However, we hope that an experienced rider would know judging by distances covered if they were efficiently fit enough to go on tour.

Do any women come on your tours?

Yes, we pride ourselves on the fact that women feel comfortable to come on our tours, whether they’re with people they know or a solo rider wanting to come on tour.

What’s the dress code in the evenings?

The majority of accommodation we use is 3-4 star and whilst most hotels are 'bike friendly' it does no harm to set a good impression for future visits. Most people dress ‘smart casual’ (Jeans, shirts or T-Shirts) all we ask is that no sleeveless T shirts, (gentlemen), tracksuit bottoms or baseball hats are worn whilst eating in the dining room.

Do your customers all tend to know each other already? 

No, each group is different, whether its all individuals, some friends touring together or a mixture of both, but by the end of the tour we will all be friends ready to book up for the next tour!

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