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17th JUNE - 24th JUNE 2024

The Lake District is home to 150 mountains, 16 lakes and more than 50 dales to make up what is a stunning area. It is home to Englands highest peak, Scalfell Pike; deepest Lake, Wastwater and longest lake; Windermere.


Its steepest road, the infamous Hardknott Pass is in competition with North Yorkshires, Roesdale Chimney, so an obvious choice for a fantastic motorbike tour holiday.


We will enjoy the peace of the lakes and the beauty of its mountains riding through twists and turns over breathtaking mountain passes with some of the most incredible views Britain has to offer.

We do not recommend this tour for inexperienced riders due to the nature of the roads with its single track roads, severe bends and inclines and descents of up to 30%. It will be a quite demanding ride out but also very rewarding with some spectacular sights with a lot of low gear riding and low miles per day averaging out at around 100-120 miles per day and 5 hrs riding time.

Bikes that might find this difficult, would be sports bikes, cruisers and similar – all do-able but not easy. 

We have one base for this tour where we leave and return to each evening to allow you to leave all the heavy gear off the bike and out of harms way.

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