We arrive at the hotel on the evening before the tour starts, for our first evening together to discuss our weeks trip over a meal and a few drinks.


Day 1

We start at the well known marriage capital of Greta Green. Leading west through Galloway Forest Park for the hotel which nestles along the coast looking across to Ireland

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast we ride North back through another part of the Galloway Forest around Ayrshire over the A74 Boundary Road stopping at our lodgings for the evening. 

Day 3

Heading towards the North East coast near Dunbar we then run down to Kielder Forest Park, after riding some great roads down we then stay in our hotel on the edge of the forest. 

Day 4

From our forest hotel we head for Kielder Castle and begin our run through Kielder Forest Drive the 12 mile gravel road. Once back on the black top we run up past Kielder Water and South for our last night together at the hotel where we began.

And between all of that there are plenty of photo and tea and cake stops!! 

Approx 560 miles

4 ½ - 5 ½ hrs riding per day

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