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21st - 27th July 2024

The Galloway and Kielder Forest's Tour a very relaxing and rewarding tour. 

We ride through the Galloway Forest Park in the Scottish borders with its huge 300 square miles of mountain, forest, lochs and rivers.

The amazing scenery is rugged and dramatic and known as the 'highlands of the lowlands'.

We ride towards the west coast to the Irish Sea before heading north making our way up towards Falkirk before looping round to the East Coast then down through Kielder Forest.

Up until now we have ridden on the black top (tarmac) but as we make our way into Kielder with its 250 square miles of play ground we then take a run down the must ride Kielder Forest Drive - a 12 mile compacted gravel road that cuts through the forest and re-joins the A68. With a speed limit of 25mph its a gentle run with amazing views and wildlife, and is very rewarding once completed. 

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